An informed homeowner knows there is more to home ownership than paying the mortgage each month. Smart homeowners know about the different appliances and systems in their homes, including home heating and air conditioning systems. A general understanding of home HVAC services is important, both to ensure the current system is working properly and to consider upgrading to a newer, more advanced system.

Home HVAC Basics

An experienced HVAC services company knows that efficient home heating and cooling requires furnace and/or air conditioner units that can maintain the temperature that is set. It means the unit must produce enough BTU’s (the amount of energy that is required to raise or lower a pound of water by one degree) to bring indoor air to a desired temperature and efficiently maintain if there.

Heating load measurement (the number of BTU’s required to maintain the right temperature on the coldest or hottest days) is an important number when determining if a home’s HVAC system is powerful. If the heating load measurement is not enough, it will work inefficiently to achieve and maintain a certain temperature.

HVAC System Problems

When home systems cannot easily maintain a constant temperature, it can mean a few different things:

  • Underpowered – The system is underpowered for the space it is trying to heat or cool.

  • Needs Servicing – The system is in need of the best HVAC services for it to run more efficiently.

  • Poorly Insulated – The space being heated or cooled is not well sealed and insulated.

Correcting these problems is the best way to extend the useful life of a furnace and air conditioner without facing excess strain and eventually break down. If the existing HVAC system is too small for the space being cooled or heated, replacing it with the right size unit is best. Qualified and trained HVAC service experts advise that correct unit size will save on utility bills that are high due to inefficient heating and cooling.

Today’s Greener HVAC Technology

With a growing effort to become more energy efficient, home HVAC units are improving, which can mean lower energy bills and fewer greenhouse gases for the environment. Home HVAC consultants see this being achieved through better technology in heat pumps, furnaces, and air conditioner condensers, all of which now are Energy Star rated.

The best home HVAC services companies suggest that homeowners researching about new HVAC components look for furnaces with the highest Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating and Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) to ensure maximum efficiency. AFUE determines the percentage of input energy (electricity) that is turned into output energy (heat). HSPF is the efficiency of the heat pump itself when the unit is in heating mode. In cooling mode, a higher Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is desirable, as the SEER rating measures pump efficiency when in cooling mode.

The best HVAC services company professionals advise to look at the Energy Star label for rating information to know which is the right HVAC system for individual home needs. These ratings also help determine the average cost to heat and cool a home using the labeled appliances.

Whether troubleshooting an existing HVAC system or replacing one with a newer, more efficient one, it is important for homeowners to understand these basic ideas. HVAC services companies can help homeowners understand their current HVAC system performance and if it is time to consider a replacement!

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