Home ownership is wonderful - except when required maintenance jobs become hard to handle and easy to put off, not remembered until something breaks or quits working. Cleaning of heating and cooling ducts is an annoying and easily delayed task; however, it is actually very important that regular duct cleaning be performed. To keep air ducts clean for both efficiency and safety reasons, a homeowner should call a local heating and cooling company. By hiring professional heating and cooling services, duct work will remain clean and in good condition, reducing the need for heating and cooling repair.

Dirty Ductwork Problems

Failing to keep HVAC ducts clean makes homeowners susceptible to two main heating and cooling problems:

  • Reduced Heating and Cooling Efficiency - Dust and lint can build up after a while inside HVAC ducting in any home. As these ducts weave their way through walls and the home, material sucked in can block these narrow passageways.  That can impede the free flow of air and make it harder to evenly control a home’s temperature.
  • Poor Air Quality - Even worse than blocking HVAC ducts is how dust and dirt collect in the ducting, retain moisture from heating or condensation, and then become breeding grounds for bacteria and fungus that is then blown all over the house. Breathing in air that is full of microscopic dust particles, mold, fungus spores, and bacteria is both unhealthy and dangerous. Allergy sufferers are especially affected by poor indoor air quality, leading to all sorts of health problems.

Duct Cleaning Methods

Duct cleaning can be done in two ways, both of which should be performed by professional heating and cooling services for optimal results. One method involves putting a special vacuum hose at various location in the duct work and sucking out the dirt. The other method uses a vacuum hose with a brush head that is used to scrub stuck-on debris out of the ducts so it can be vacuumed. It is done through various registers and duct openings in the home for a thorough cleaning. Depending on home size, it can take just a few hours to complete.

Duct Cleaning Frequency

How frequently duct work should be cleaned varies for every home. Generally speaking, duct cleaning every three years is recommended; whether that is frequent enough depends on aspects specific to each home:  the number of people living there, the number and type of pets in residence, local climate, and many other aspects. Some homes collect dirt faster in ducts than others, so it is always a good idea to have ducts checked in-between cleanings. For home with allergy sufferers and/or multiple pets, the ducts should be cleaned yearly and HVAC filters changed frequently to have the highest level of air quality from heating and cooling units.

Although it is so easy to forget, chances are most homes could stand to have their heating and cooling ducts cleaned. Getting it done requires little more than calling a local company that provides heating and cooling services to schedule this task. Proper professional maintenance is essential for to have optimal HVAC system efficiency.  It also helps prevent heating and cooling repair as well as unhealthy home conditions resulting from dirty ducts or inefficient equipment!

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