Anything mechanical requires maintenance in order for it to continue to perform the way it should; this includes home heating systems. These systems are one of the leading reasons why homeowners call heating and air conditioning companies for repairs in the middle of winter - because they suddenly have no heat, or experience some other problem. To avoid this scenario, a fall tune-up, performed by one of the local heating and air conditioning services, is recommended. Ensuring a home’s heating system is working  properly is the best way to prevent the need for expensive heating and air conditioning repair, and the inconvenience of waking up to a very chilly house, on the coldest night of the year!

Test Function and Perform Maintenance

All summer long, the furnace sits quietly, collecting dust and dirt, while the air conditioning unit is in full force,. When the time comes to turn on the furnace, it is not uncommon that dust is blown throughout the house. Some furnaces may even have trouble starting if they are especially dirty and are a fire hazard as well. A tune up in early fall, done prior to temperatures dipping low enough to actually need the furnace, is a good idea for a number of reasons. This is the time to clean out the furnace, replace filters, and ensure it is in good working order. Furnace efficiency is also highest when the unit is clean and functioning properly.

Test for Gas and Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Furnaces that have been sitting idle for months commonly develop leaks, some of which are impossible to detect without special testing. Minute gas leaks may go undetected, yet pose a huge fire hazard for electrically-started units that produce a spark when turned on. Consider that a gas leak can cause an explosion and carbon monoxide is nearly impossible to detect by smell alone. If this waste product leaks inside a home, the results can be deadly. A fall tune-up, performed by an experienced heating and air conditioning company, includes gas leak and carbon monoxide tests.  This gives homeowners the assurance that their furnace is functioning properly and safely when it is turned on for the first time every cold weather season.

Get An Appointment Before Winter

The points referenced above illustrate the importance of scheduling a fall furnace tune-up to ensure safe and efficient function; doing it early is the key. Fall is a busy time for most heating and air conditioning services just for this reason. Most homeowners want to go into winter knowing their furnace is safe, clean, and ready for the demand of keeping the house nice and warm. The best time to call for a fall tune-up is in late summer and early fall, before the need for heat becomes apparent.

Now is the best time before the nights get too chilly for homeowners to call any experienced local heating and air conditioning companies to schedule an all-important fall tune-up of that heating system. By providing this essential maintenance, homeowners reduce the risk of needing expensive heating and air conditioning services at the most inconvenient time. Routinely scheduled maintenance ensures a home’s furnace is functioning the way it should be, and capable of providing safe heating comfort all winter long!

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