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Need A Home Air Conditioning Installation Company?

When it comes to the installation of home or commercial air conditioning systems, Good Guys Air Conditioning Service has the skills and training to professionally install air conditioning and combined HVAC units in the Conroe Texas and the surrounding areas.  First we inspect your building, looking in particular at the number of windows, quality of insulation, and total building square footage as well as other pertinent details.  Then we calculate the size and type of air conditioning system that will be your best choice.  We want to be sure that you have the best-suited configuration and size for your building to prevent poor indoor air quality that could include mildew, mold, and bacteria .  By the ways – it can also help lower utility bills as well!

Important Facts About Air Conditioning System Installation

1.  Rebates abound to replace and/or upgrade air conditioning systems.  In order to qualify for the rebate, the A/C system must have the right Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating.

2.  The skilled technicians with Good Guys Air Conditioning Services can identify which HVAC systems qualify for the SEER rebates and work with you to design a system that will fit the needs of your home and be eligible for the rebates.

3.  Name brands do cost more money – they also come with valuable warranties that are very beneficial for this important component for home cooling needs.