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Today homes are being built much tighter than in the past – which means that less fresh air gets into our homes and the air already inside is  trapped and becomes dirty.  We are proud to offer several innovative products to combat poor indoor air quality.

  1. Energy Recovery Ventilator – An Energy Recovery Ventilator or ERV increases a building’s air exchange by providing fresh quality air while exhausting stale unclean air.  This system also recovers energy by exchanging the energy that is found in air that is normally exhausted and then utilizing it to improve the air coming in from the outside.
  2. Humidifier – A humidifier adds moisture as necessary to help keep indoor moisture at desirable levels.   This is important during winter months to avoid dry skin and sinuses and to help prevent any static electricity issues.
  3. Dehumidifier – A dehumidifier works in a reverse fashion as a humidifier by removing humidity from indoor air.  This is an important thing to do during the hot, muggy days found  in the summer months.
  4. Ultraviolet light – This involves the installation of an ultraviolet light in the Air Handler that will kill any mold or bacteria that is in the treated air.  It has found to be very helpful for people who are allergic to mold.
  5. Filtration – Filtering air coming into a cooling or heating unit is something everyone knows must happen to protect your unit and begin a process to make the forced air better to breathe – but do you know what type of filter you should use?  Consider the following types:
  • Standard – This type usually consists of matted fiberglass – and captures only the largest particles.
  • Media – This type is much more effective than fiberglass, with up to MERV 13 filtration removing 75%-80% dust and allergens.
  • Electronic – This type of filter can be found with washable permanent versions or regular replacement ones.  They capture 98% of particles in the air down to one micron as well as traps and kills bacteria and spores.