When you’ve been outside on a hot summer day, there is nothing better than stepping into a cool, air-conditioned room – what a relief! Face it, air conditioning is one of the most desirable creature comforts in many homes today. It is important to recognize that staying cool with a good-performing air conditioning system means more than just turning it on and forgetting about it. Air conditioners require regular maintenance in order to avoid making a call to a local air conditioning company for repair service.

Required Routine Maintenance

Whether air conditioning comes from a central system or a window unit, it operates basically the same and requires the same care – and unfortunately, faces the same types of trouble. To keep things running smoothly, routine maintenance should be done to the unit by either the owner or local air conditioning company:

  • Air Filters – This unimposing component should be cleaned and replaced regularly, according to manufacturer suggestions and the best air conditioning companies advice. Filters are in the front grill of most room air conditioners or within the path of an air return duct in a central A/C unit. Blocked, dirty air filters are the main reason why air conditioners don’t cool well, as that slows the flow of air into the unit. Dirty filters also let dirt get into the A/C’s working parts, collect on coils, and damage coil fins – resulting in performance inefficiency. When the unit is in use, filters should be changed or cleaned at least once every month or two. In particularly dusty areas or when the A/C unit is constantly operating , more frequent changing may be warranted.

  • Coils and Coil Fins – Check evaporator coils, condenser coils, and coil fins regularly for dirt and debris that can collect on the coils and reduce airflow and heat absorption capability. This can cause the entire system to work harder to cool adequately. Coil fins can bend and block airflow; they should be regularly checked. Per the best air conditioning company, this is especially important for outdoor condenser units that are exposed to leaves, lawn clippings, dust, and dirt. When dirt and debris build up, they can contribute to air conditioner failure and costly major repair bills that could have been avoided.

  • Condensation Drains – If drain tubes become clogged, the air conditioner cannot dehumidify as it cools. A good air conditioning company advises this damages the unit or even the home if humid air is pumped in from the A/C unit. Pass a wire through the drain channels as an easy way to clear them.

Winter Maintenance Care

Keeping air conditioners free from dirt and debris is the main goal even in the off-season. The best air conditioning companies suggest that window air conditioner units should be covered and sealed on the outside to prevent heat loss and to keep them clean and protected from the weather until spring.

Getting the best performance and longest life out of an air conditioner just requires some simple, basic maintenance. Although A/C units or HVAC systems do not last forever, they can remain trouble-free and operate efficiently with proper care. If problems arise despite good routine maintenance, call a local air conditioning company to troubleshoot the system and make necessary repairs so you can stay cool!

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