Green technology is increasing in popularity, with more industries making the effort to offer greener solutions to consumers every day . The home HVAC industry is doing its part as well; HVAC services have improved in leaps and bounds from the heating and air conditioning of yesterday. The latest HVAC innovations prompted by a growing consumer demand for greater, greener efficiency coupled with the best HVAC services, means homeowners have great choices in home heating and cooling, with even more choices on the horizon. The best HVAC repair and installation companies are providing these new ideas to customers as quickly as possible.

Zero-Energy Comes of Age

Cooling by using zero energy may sound like a homeowner’s dream; however, technology is getting closer to providing this solution every day. Zero-energy systems are designed to use less energy than they produce, causing a drastic reduction in energy bills and producing less pollution. Solar power is the most commonly known source of free energy; with better development of more technologically advanced products, the home HVAC industry is improving ways to use this option. Solar power, green roofs, and other energy-efficient plans all contribute to reduced carbon footprints and decreased energy bills as homeowners find better ways to cool their homes.

DEVap – On the Horizon for Home Installation

HVAC installation and repair companies state that DEVap, or desiccant-enhanced evaporative air conditioning, is being developed for home usage; it is being used successfully by some corporations with huge facilities to cool. This concept completely revolutionizes air conditioning as it is known today. The system works by combining the effects of evaporation and desiccant dehumidification for better cooling, with up to 80 percent less electricity use. DEVap was developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in response to statistical findings showing air conditioning efforts use as much as 70 percent of electricity use in the U.S. during the hottest months. So far, DEVap has only been successful as huge, custom-made units for cooling large buildings. NREL is continuing to develop this product in general HVAC services and will be available for home and small business installation in the next few years.

IT and HVAC – The Ultimate Programming Convenience

So much is done now with the push of a button or a swipe on a smart phone or tablet, it should be no real surprise to have digitally-programmable business HVAC services available. More home systems now include this convenience, making it easy to control a complete home climate system quickly and conveniently from a tablet or smartphone. Software designed to control and track usage is helpful for budgeting, allowing for usage to be seen in real time, and adjustments made as necessary. Some of the more advanced home HVAC systems offer better overall efficiency with motion detectors that activate climate zones based on activity in each separate zone.

These are only a few of the emerging ideas available in the best HVAC services for homeowners – and newer technology is emerging every day. Consumers interested in such progressive ideas are encouraged to contact a local experienced HVAC installation company to discuss these new ways to improve home energy bills!

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