Computer technology has made great advances in the past decade, with both wireless and internet based functions offering many advantages. One of the more recent additions in HVAC services and products is the WiFi thermostat. These new thermostats offer many benefits over standard thermostats, and are affordable, efficient, and also recommended by today’s HVAC consultants. When scheduling an HVAC repair or heating and cooling system maintenance, there is no better time to consider the installation of a new wireless thermostat.

What is a WiFi Thermostat?

A WiFi thermostat is a home or commercial thermostat that is controlled by a wireless signal. HVAC consultants say that just about any device that can be connected to the internet has the ability to control a WiFi thermostat from anywhere, through a downloadable application. These thermostats can also be controlled manually, but their main feature is being fully accessible and programmable from anywhere, and on any device that has internet capabilities - like a computer, tablet or a smartphone.

What Are the Benefits That WiFi Thermostats Offer?

Following are what many HVAC services companies say are some of the many advantages of using a WiFi thermostat, whether at home or anywhere else:

  • Convenient Control, Anywhere – A WiFi thermostat can be controlled by an internet application from anywhere, using the device that is programmed to control them, as long as that device can get an internet connection.

  • Control Multiple Thermostats - This is especially useful in homes with multiple thermostats, for building owners, or those who have multiple thermostats to keep track of. All thermostats can be programmed and controlled from the same device, saving both time and money.

  • Greater Heating and Cooling Efficiency - Wireless control enables anyone to turn heating or cooling up or down at any time of the day or night to keep the cost of utilities down. When a home or building is not in use, thermostats can be changed, or programmed based on when a building will be occupied.

  • Comfortable Living, Effortlessly - Even when schedules are uncertain, a WiFi thermostat enables anyone to turn their heating or cooling system up or down before arriving home so they walk into a comfortable environment. Never enter a hot or cold house again, when thermostat adjustments can be easily made on the way home.

  • Automated Reminders and System Alerts - Dates can be programmed into these thermostats to track when filters should be replaced or when system maintenance is due, cutting down on the need for HVAC repairs. The thermostat then sends reminders and alerts to mobile phones and email. Thermostats will also send alerts if there are problems with the system, or if inclement weather is expected, etc.

With these advantages, it is easy to see why WiFi thermostats are convenient, efficient, and easy to use. Best of all, they can easily be set up by any HVAC repair and installation service for use with most heating and cooling systems. HVAC consultants that offer the best and latest technology in heating and cooling find these WiFi thermostats to be a great addition to any household or commercial building for the many conveniences and benefits. Most reliable HVAC services can help anyone interested in setting up one of these thermostats!

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