Whether outfitting new construction or replacing an old system with better technology, there are many new and different options available today for cost-effective and efficient home heating. HVAC technology has improved in leaps and bounds over the last decade; the heating systems of yesterday no longer compare with the newer, more convenient ones now available. Before making any decisions on home heating, be sure to contact the best home heating company near them and discuss some of these innovative, new heating options!

Conventional Heating Systems

Available in various types of heat sources including electric heat, hot air furnaces, boilers, and combined units, conventional heating systems are what most homes had until recently. The HVAC system is one unit controlled by a thermostat that heats based on the thermostat’s readings, delivering heat through room vents, baseboard vents, or electric baseboard heating. Such basic types of heating systems can be inefficient, especially when different areas in a home heat up and retain heat differently. Fortunately, today’s home heating options include ways to tackle common heating problems, making heat more cost-effective and homes more comfortable.

Zoned Heating Systems

While zoned heating is not a new idea, it is one that has seen a lot of interest lately, as many homes are now being equipped with this type of heating system. A zoned heating system, installed by an experienced heating services company, is one that involves dividing the home into separate zones, such as first floor and second floor, each controlled by a separate thermostat and a separate heating layout. This is very beneficial in situations where one part of the house gets colder than another, or one area that sees more use, since the different zones can be heated as necessary. This promotes better heating efficiency and lower utility/fuel bills, while keeping the whole house at its most comfortable level.

Radiant Floor Heating Systems

Radiant heat is also not a new idea that is now being used in newer, more efficient ways. While old radiant heat came from floor-standing radiators, today’s newer version is built into floors, creating a much more effective and efficient home heating effect. It is still cost-effective hot water heating; however, by laying hot water lines in the floors, rooms are evenly and thoroughly warmed for a much more comfortable environment. Heat generated in the floors rises, creating comfort at floor level and throughout the entire room space.

Hybrid Furnaces

Another new super-efficient heating option is the hybrid furnace. This home heating variation is great in areas with mixed heating system demands. These furnaces provide primarily b electric-powered hot air; however, when the temperatures fall below a certain level and the cost of electric heat is prohibitive, a second generator that is powered with oil or gas kicks in to supplement the load – and save money.

Along with the latest advancements in programmable, energy-saving thermostats to help keep homes warm as needed, these new ideas in home heating are great options for new and existing homes. For more information on finding the right heating system, contact a qualified and experienced heating company in the area to discuss needs and appropriate options for any home!

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