Central air conditioning is a wonderful thing when the heat outside is oppressive; however, air conditioning units do have their share of problems from time to time. When a unit shows signs of improper function, a homeowner should call a local home air conditioning company to look at it and perform any home HVAC repairs, if necessary. Ignoring the warning signs that indicate there may be a problem could cause even bigger costlier problems. With this in mind, following are some common problems home AC units exhibit and should be considered as warning signs that it is time to get home air conditioning service experts out to take a look.

Refrigerant Leaks and Low Refrigerant

Freon is the chemical that creates the reaction that allows air conditioners to cool. A system should never run out of Freon. Home HVAC repair experts assert that when a system fails to cool properly, and there are no other problems, this could indicate that the coolant level has dropped. Low coolant usually means there is a leak somewhere within the system. Coolant can be replaced; however, leaks should be located first and repaired, if possible, to prevent continued loss of Freon.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

Freon moves through the evaporator coils and cools the air blown over them from the unit’s fan. This keeps the coils from freezing as they absorb the heat from the air. When an evaporator coil freezes, the cooling chemical cannot move through it. Home air conditioning service professionals say that frozen coils occur in a number of ways, such as low Freon levels or airflow problems, such as dirty air filters or a non-working fan.

Faulty Thermostat

Qualified home HVAC repair pros state that when an air conditioner’s thermostat fails to work, the unit will not sense when to turn on and off. Some may not turn on when they should, while others may run too long. A broken thermostat may also cause the unit to stop working altogether.

Failure of Electrical Components

Since air conditioning units require a variety of electrical parts that frequently switch on and off, these parts will wear out eventually. Although there are many reasons why an AC system might not turn on, home air conditioning companies know that failure of one or more electrical components must be considered.

Fan or Compressor Failure

The fan and compressor are two major parts of every air conditioning system, according to home air conditioning companies. Without them, the system cannot function. Sometimes the fan may malfunction, failing to draw warm air from the interior of the home, causing the compressor to run continuously to cool the home. This can cause the compressor to overheat, or may even cause internal damage to the compressor.

Although the basic principle of how air conditioning units operate is fairly simple, home air conditioning services say the mechanisms are subject to wear and not work correctly. In addition, these systems are easily damaged when not properly cleaned and maintained, especially if airflow through and around the system is affected.

For these reasons, it is very important for a homeowner to understand the required maintenance of their central air conditioning unit, and how reputable home air conditioning services can help them get the most use from this expensive equipment. Besides providing good maintenance, it is important to call a home air conditioning company at the first signs of trouble so any necessary home HVAC repair can be made before there is any permanent damage to the air conditioning unit!

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