Central air conditioning is a modern convenience that has made life more enjoyable in warmer climates. Today’s home air conditioning is more efficient than ever; when properly installed by an experienced air conditioning company, a home can afford to stay comfortably cool throughout the summer. There is more than one type of central AC system, so finding a unit that is the most cost-effective and efficient depends on choosing the right one. Experienced home heating and cooling consultants, who provide air conditioning services, can advise which one is best based on individual requirements!

Types of Central Air Systems

Home heating and cooling professionals, who perform air conditioning services, point out there are two different types of central air conditioning systems:

  • Split System – A split system air conditioning unit consists of two metal cabinets – one indoors and one outdoors. The outdoor cabinet houses the compressor and condenser unit, while the indoor unit houses the evaporator. The indoor unit is frequently combined with the furnace or heat pump.

  • Packaged System – A packaged system is one in which all three components – compressor, condenser and evaporator – are contained in one enclosed cabinet set up outdoors. They are usually installed on the roof of a larger building, or a concrete slab at the side, or rear of a home, close to the building.

Most air conditioning companies say the biggest deciding factor in choosing a system usually depends on whether or not duct work is already present, if there is already a split system in the home, and how duct work is connected to the heating system. A packaged system is usually more efficient when adding a new unit; however, depending on how the heating unit is set up, the split system might be easier to install. To help decide which option is best for a particular home, a homeowner should call reliable home heating and cooling consultants to come and inspect the home and its existing heating and air conditioning system.

Other Factors Affecting A Choice

Besides things such as duct work and the presence of a furnace or heat pump, companies who provide air conditioning services say there are other important factors that relate to system performance and size. Central air units come in various sizes to handle different cooling needs; it would be incorrect to assume that “bigger is better.” A good air conditioning company knows an AC unit that is too large for the area to be cooled is an unnecessary cost that will not reduce humidity. At the same time, a unit that is not powerful enough for the area to be cooled will not be able to keep up with cooling needs and increase energy costs. Deciding which unit is best for a home should be based on cooling needs, the size configuration of the home, and what performance is required to efficiently keep a space cool and dry.

Today’s More Efficient Central Air

The efficiency of central air conditioning has greatly increased over the years. It is more cost-efficient than ever to have the comfort of central air conditioning thanks to the latest technology and today’s Energy-Star rated, super-efficient units. This is great news when a new unit is needed and should be considered for any existing unit that is over ten years old. Home heating and cooling experts say upgrading a system is a great way for a homeowner to improve energy efficiency, including the cost of a new unit.

Homeowners interested in a new central air unit or who want to increase comfort while decreasing monthly costs should contact an experienced air conditioning company and discuss the options. Whether a split or packaged system is required, there are units available that can efficiently keep any house cool and comfortable!

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