With the cold of winter and heat of summer, escaping to the comfort of a good HVAC system is great. Of course, all of that convenience does cost money; however, the best home heating, ventilation, and air conditioning company can help clients save money on utility bills by heating and cooling wisely. Using the following tips can help homeowners stay comfortable more affordably and also avoid excessive wear and tear on HVAC systems.

Home Energy Assessment

The best ways to save money on heating and cooling bills is to conserve energy, which can be determined with a home energy assessment. This is done by a thorough inspection of the home to search for ways energy is being wasted, either through poor duct work, insulation, or by certain energy-inefficient habits. Experienced heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services can perform this test to determine any wasteful energy things being done; however a homeowner can also conduct their own assessment.

HVAC Systems Maintenance

An experienced heating, ventilation, and air conditioning company advises that when an HVAC system does not run efficiently if it is dirty or improperly adjusted. A homeowner must have the system inspected yearly to keep it running at its best. Air filters should be regularly replaced and heat registers kept clean, as these things affect the efficiency of any home heating or air conditioning system.

Heat and Cool Wisely

The trained technicians with a home heating, ventilation, and air conditioning company advise that it is surprising how much money can be saved by lowering the thermostat a few degrees in winter and raising it a few degrees higher in the summer. Following are other steps that can be done to remain comfortable:

  • Adjust the Thermostat – Lowering the thermostat in winter and raising it in summer can make a bigger difference than expected, especially when the home is unoccupied during the day. A programmable thermostat is worth the small investment.

  • Seal and Cover Windows – Ensure there are no drafts around windows; seal any that are found. Use window shades effectively by lowering them in the summer and raising them in winter.

  • Condition As Needed – If there are rooms that are used less, close the registers in those rooms and keep the door closed from the rest of the house. If there are separate thermostats, adjust the ones in the parts of the home that are used less.

  • Use More Efficient Equipment – Replacing heating and air conditioning units is no small expense; however, installing the most energy-efficient units possible will definitely save energy costs.

  • Check Registers and Thermostats – Be sure nothing blocks registers, as this works against efficient heating and cooling. Do not use lamps near the thermostat, as that can affect how the thermostat runs.

These are just a few of the basic ways any homeowner can save money every month on utility bills. For more in-depth solutions, and to learn about new technology in energy efficient home HVAC systems, contact the best home heating, ventilation, and air conditioning company today to discuss the latest options!

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