With winter around the corner, thoughts of high utility bills come to mind once homeowners start the furnace. This is the best time to discuss heat conservation with professional HVAC consultants and heating services providers - before the nights get too cold. Poorly sealed ductwork is one of the leading causes of inefficient heating, and something every home should be checked for. With a thorough examination and repair of all ductwork, by an experienced home heating company, homeowners can lower their heating bills while having a much more comfortable home.

Duct Leakage

Because heating ducts are out of sight, they are usually out of mind as well. Yet heating ducts should be regularly checked for leaks that can promote heat loss, which requires furnaces to run harder and longer to warm the home. Additionally, leaking ducts reduce the positive flow of warm air, allowing heat to go to areas where it is not needed, while the living spaces of the home stay cooler. This causes the furnace to run longer in an attempt to keep the living spaces warm. Repairing these problems is not difficult; however, finding leaky ductwork can be challenging and should be done by an experienced heating company.

Finding Leaky Heating Ducts

Home heating systems have ductwork that runs either underneath the main floor, in the ceiling of the basement, or in the attic. This ductwork should be insulated and all joints should be well sealed to prevent the loss of air traveling through them. Finding leaky or damaged ductwork requires a heating services technician to carefully enter the spaces where the ducts are installed and follow all supply ducts extending from the furnace. This is repeated with the return ducts until the entire circuit has been inspected for damage. Ducts may be sealed with adhesive, duct tape, bolts or in other ways, all of which must be checked to ensure that connections are in good condition and are not leaking air. Because sealants can deteriorate over time, due to the dry heat, air leaks often begin here. It is also the reason why most homes have at least some leaky ductwork.

Repairing Leaky Ductwork

HVAC consultants know that metal ducts can be easily repaired by replacing adhesives/tape, or re-fastening bolted areas so that joints and connections are leak-free. Flexible ducts may need to be replaced if holes are found, or the material has dried and is falling apart. In either case, getting all supply and return ductwork repaired and well-sealed is essential to allow a heating system to perform efficiently and needlessly waste energy. Once repaired, ductwork should be insulated to further improve heating efficiency and delivery to where it is needed most.

Although it is a relatively simple thing to do, repairing leaky heat ducts is important and can save homeowners as much as 25 percent on home heating bills. The best thing homeowners can do to save themselves money now, and in the years to come, is to speak with experienced HVAC consultants from an experienced, local home heating company and arrange for a heating duct inspection. With these basic, yet essential heating services, anyone can reduce their energy costs and enjoy a more comfortable home this winter!

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